What is WodRobot?

  • WodRobot is a comprehensive fitness competition tool that can provide easy athlete and judge registration, accurate and exciting judging apps, and live in-workout and leaderboard information.

  • Organize a swarm of judges and empower them with the mobile judging app that automatically uploads results to our servers. Scorecard validation and tracking is handled by the app.

  • Visualize workout data in real time with milisecond precision (requires use of real time app functions). Monitor a live leaderboard of athlete-validated results.

  • Get your athletes and judges signed up. Upload the data manually or have them create a Profile.

  • Profiles allow a user to become a judge and save their tracks. Profiles and tracks record the in-workout performance details of an athlete. Compare metrics like power and calories burned.

  • Judges with profiles can build a repuation within the local fitness community. A great judge is highly sought after for furture competitions.

  • Quickly organized points-for-place scores are essential to the success of a competition. WodRobot can handle it. Program new workouts on the fly and have them accessible by each judge instantly.

  • Spectators, judges, and athletes using the WodRobot platform can view real time workout data and leaderboard information from any device with an internet connection. WodRobot will adjust to be displayed on all popular operating systems and device formats.

  • We are always improving. Have an idea that will really make a difference? We may include it in the nex development cycle.