Athletes and Judges

Event Organizers

  • Great judges make a great event

    Give them great tools

  • Build challenging workouts

    WodRobot makes keeping track simple

  • Visualize workout data in real time

    with millisecond precision



  • 2017-07-28
    App support suspended
    At this time both Android and Apple app support for real time data acquisition is suspended...
    ...it may come back
  • 2014-04-09
    Application Updates
    Many improvements have been incorporated into the WodRobot user interfaces including the current android app.
  • 2014-03-28
    Profile Support
    Athletes and judges can now create their own WodRobot profile. Profiles allow individuals to:
    • Register for events
    • Link your judge ID to tracks you have recorded
    • Identify the person who judged you
    • Accumulate reviews of judging performances from other athletes
  • 2014-02-02
    Introducing WodRobot
    WodRobot is a real-time data acquisition and sorting app for your throw down. All you need is an internet connection, and an android device for each judge. WodRobot will do the rest.
    iPhone app in production